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Having a quick net-trawl this morning, I stumbled across a site in the Cosmology section discussing the possibility that Time has more direct effect upon the orbit of planets than does Space. This, and discussions like it, raise questions as to the nature of Time, its relationship with Space, and our relationship with each of them.

Bear in mind that we travel through space very, very fast. We are revolving, since the earth is revolving, at 1,080 miles an hour. We are spinning round the sun at a phenomenal 66,600 miles an hour. And if anyone picks up on the fact that the speed at which we orbit the sun, and the 'number of the devil', are one and the same, fear not. We got it all wrong, this 'devil' business. There are many things we have 'learned' that are in fact backwards, upside down, deceptive, and downright untrue.

Time is a measurement of the span we know to be life, broken down into units we can comprehend. Since we cannot limit time, we try to impose contraints upon it by relating it to speed. The speed of light, we say, is the fastest anything can travel. Deep down, thinkers among us know this to be untrue, for it is impossible to confine the A to B span. We don't know how fast thought travels, for instance. Science, investigating the relationship between mind and body, finds many thought-physiology interactions to be instantaneous. In quantum mechanics, many occurrences (the movement of electrons, for instance) appear to defy our concept of time entirely.

How does the speed/space/time relationship affect our lives? This is a question raising many possibilities, and you'll hopefully have some ideas of your own.......


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Dreams and Destiny

Sometimes our hearts thump with the thrill of living. Sometimes we enjoy a revelation or an idea to the point of enjoyment that life's energy can bring us, to the point where our hearts sing. A moment ago I enjoyed such a time. Sitting at the kitchen table with my seventeen year old daughter, it came to mind that destiny and dreams are intertwined. That the feelings we all share to confirm this are feelings common to us all.

Deja vu. This is a phenomena we all share, but few discuss in any depth. Once, I had a feeling of deja vu when opening a bill, sitting at that same table, reading the numbers at the top of the letter. I decided quite consciously to read the numbers again, in the hope I could return to the feeling. I did, and immediately passed out cold, landing on the stone tiles with a thump. The next I knew of this dimension, my partner was standing at the door looking down at me, and my knee hurt from its impact with the kitchen table on my dead bodyweight's way to the floor.

Repetition. The times when it seems as though an action we have just performed was performed before in dreamscape. This suggests that in dreamscape, we did just that thing. If this is true, and there is no reason to suppose otherwise, it clearly indicates that what we dream can be an impression of a future yet to happen. This adds credence to the theory (which I prefer to think of as fact) that time is a circuit, not a straight line, and that its movement forwards or backwards depends firmly upon our observation of it. Just as our observation has been proven to affect the behaviour of sub-atomic particles, giving credence to the 'fact' that we are in command of what we observe the universe to be, rather than the nature of the universe commanding that we see it as we do.

Synchronicity. The occurance of a reality which has already been dreamt. Whilst the images do not necessary correspond in detail with the actual event, we know when we have dreamed of its happening, in advance. Whilst we do not take much scientific notice of the fact that we may dream of events that are past (in fact it's accepted that this happens as a 'normal' part of the dream process), dreams of futures may be more interesting. Yet to my mind they are one and the same process in the circuitry, and as is the nature of synchronicity, synchronicity itself pulls out the most profound statements of unbelievable fact that we cannot ignore in the path of our lives, for it will not let us. Synchronicity is the most powerful force in the universe. It built the universe.

These three factors combined provide the basis for a theory I hope will be explored. That we dream our lifetime before we enter it. That we have a precognitive process in our lives, predominantly through dreamscape, which keeps us in touch with a deeper truth, a truth we are not allowed to see, because to see the future would negate the rules of the Game. The Game which John Nash writes equations about when his angels are playing with his Beautiful Mind. The path we take in fulfilling the dream, once we are here, is subject to the laws of the universe which my corporate projects are designed to impart knowledge of. These laws operate in two forms - polarities and absolutes. An example of a polarity is order and chaos. An example of an absolute is truth.

Do you want to discuss this? Do you want to discuss other issues which tie our lives to a universe we barely understand? Then sign up to this Community, and we'll turn it into a Forum. Can't have a discussion without you here.....

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Why Xiafalcon?

Xia is an ancient Chinese dynasty. Once upon a time, it would have been a way of life. Today, we find ourselves lost in a way of life which frantically spins around money, social status, possessions, and what other people think of us. This Community was launched to give members a gateway into another kind of living. The kind that revolves around understanding our singularity, learning about universal law, studying the dynamics of life itself in order to enjoy our term to the full. If you want to share this kind of knowledge, gain an appreciation of where it can take you, and explore the depths of our living circuitry, please sign up. Whatever your interest, if it links with those on my Interest list, be assured we will enjoy some very interesting correspondence. And you never know, we might quietly change a few lives along the way, including our own.

Looking forward to hearing from your mouse.