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Having a quick net-trawl this morning, I stumbled across a site in the Cosmology section discussing the possibility that Time has more direct effect upon the orbit of planets than does Space. This, and discussions like it, raise questions as to the nature of Time, its relationship with Space, and our relationship with each of them.

Bear in mind that we travel through space very, very fast. We are revolving, since the earth is revolving, at 1,080 miles an hour. We are spinning round the sun at a phenomenal 66,600 miles an hour. And if anyone picks up on the fact that the speed at which we orbit the sun, and the 'number of the devil', are one and the same, fear not. We got it all wrong, this 'devil' business. There are many things we have 'learned' that are in fact backwards, upside down, deceptive, and downright untrue.

Time is a measurement of the span we know to be life, broken down into units we can comprehend. Since we cannot limit time, we try to impose contraints upon it by relating it to speed. The speed of light, we say, is the fastest anything can travel. Deep down, thinkers among us know this to be untrue, for it is impossible to confine the A to B span. We don't know how fast thought travels, for instance. Science, investigating the relationship between mind and body, finds many thought-physiology interactions to be instantaneous. In quantum mechanics, many occurrences (the movement of electrons, for instance) appear to defy our concept of time entirely.

How does the speed/space/time relationship affect our lives? This is a question raising many possibilities, and you'll hopefully have some ideas of your own.......


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