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Why Xiafalcon?

Xia is an ancient Chinese dynasty. Once upon a time, it would have been a way of life. Today, we find ourselves lost in a way of life which frantically spins around money, social status, possessions, and what other people think of us. This Community was launched to give members a gateway into another kind of living. The kind that revolves around understanding our singularity, learning about universal law, studying the dynamics of life itself in order to enjoy our term to the full. If you want to share this kind of knowledge, gain an appreciation of where it can take you, and explore the depths of our living circuitry, please sign up. Whatever your interest, if it links with those on my Interest list, be assured we will enjoy some very interesting correspondence. And you never know, we might quietly change a few lives along the way, including our own.

Looking forward to hearing from your mouse.

Tags: we slice through life on falcon's wings
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